New for 2018: Grizzle/White Race Division!

Heinsohn Boys Racing Pigeons presents…

South Texas Challenge

Over $40,000 Payout*

Send your birds to the South Texas Challenge, a 5 race series consisting of some of the most challenging conditions that this great state can throw at them headwinds, side-winds, heat, humidity and varying terrain. The final 350 race will hopefully get them as close as possible to 9 hours on the wing.  Average speeds run close to 1250 ypm and the weather can change at any point no matter what the weather forecast says.  We don’t wait for blow home races!

Races to be held

Races will begin in late September and will be announced by June.

5 Race series

150 -Average Speed only
200 -Average Speed only
250 – First 5 birds clocked
300 – First 5 birds clocked
350 – Top 15% of birds sent to race

Average Speed

(10% of entry fees)

1st -$2025*

See RULES page for PAYOUT explanation


Perch fee: $100 or 6 for $500

Payment to be sent with bird.
Birds sent without perch fees will not be placed with race birds in loft or entered into the system.

INITIAL Entry Fee: $200
optional Additional grizzle/white entry: $100

Entry fee due immediately after the 100 mile activation race.
Any bird not going to the 150 mile race will have 100% of entry refunded.

Birds are accepted February 15th to May 15th.
Replacements are accepted until June 1st
First 310 birds accepted into loft

Mail birds to:

Eric Heinsohn
122 Ranch Country Drive
La Vernia, TX 78121

Please call before shipping

Loft Managers

Eric Heinsohn

Mark Heinsohn


* Race payout amounts are based on 225 paid bird entries.
10% of entries retained for expenses.