Heinsohn Boys Racing Pigeons presents…

South Texas Challenge

up to $35,000 Payout*

Send your birds to the South Texas Challenge, a 5 race series consisting of over 1250 miles of some of the most challenging conditions that this great state can throw at them, headwinds, heat, humidity and varying terrain. The final 350 will be the minimum distance, the race will get them as close as possible to 9 hours on the wing.

Races to be held

Races will begin in September and will be announced beforehand.

5 Race series

150 -Average Speed only
200 -Average Speed only
250 -$5000 or 15%* – Top 5% of returns
300 -$8500 or 25%* – Top 10% of returns
350 -$16,000 or 50%* – Top 10% of returns

Average Speed

(10% of entry fees)

1st -$2000*


Perch fee: $100

Payment to be sent with bird.
Birds sent without perch fees will not be placed with race birds in loft or entered into the system.

Entry Fee: $175

Entry fee due immediately after the 100 mile activation race.
Any bird not going to the 150 mile race will have 100% of entry refunded.

Birds are accepted February 1st to May 19th.
Replacements are accepted until June 1st
Loft limit is 225 birds

Mail birds to:

Eric Heinsohn
122 Ranch Country Drive
La Vernia, TX 78121

Please call before shipping

Loft Managers

Eric Heinsohn

Mark Heinsohn


* Race payout amounts are based on 225 bird entry. 10% of  entries retained for expenses.


  • Prizes are paid by 1st drop, then clocking order.
  • If a bird passes and does not scan but is seen in the drop it will be entered as last in the drop.
  • If there is a tie the birds will share the prize equally.
  • Birds not activated by the owners by the due date may be activated by another flyer, if they are not activated they will become property of the loft manager.
  • Upon arrival all birds will be vaccinated, wormed and treated for external parasites.
  • They will be quarantined for 6 days before being chipped and placed into the loft.
  • All birds will be on lights until May 19th after which they will be evaluated and 9-10 will be pulled if deemed necessary.
  • Upon completion of the series and before any prizes over $600 are mailed out a signed W-9 form will be required.
  • All activated birds will remain property of the breeder/owner and will be returned to the owner for $60.
  • Additional birds might require additional fess but owner will be contacted beforehand.Participants must be over 18 years old.
  • All matters not covered by the rules will be decided by the loft managers and will be final.